Robina Chamber of Commerce Inc.

The Heart of Queensland’s Gold Coast

Robina is a Gold Coast suburb in the South East corner of Australia’s sunniest State, Queensland (Australia). 

It nestles on the coastal plain between the mountainous Hinterland areas of the Springbrook/Sugarloaf rainforests and Australia’s most perfect beaches which stretch from Surfers Paradise to Burleigh Heads.

A Masterpiece of Commercial and Residential…

The Gold Coast recently passed the nation’s capital, Canberra, as the sixth most populous city in Australia, and is second only to Brisbane in terms of growth.

Robina is striving to balance growth and living styles in its commercial and residential planning. The land in Robina is unique in that the whole area was at one time owned by a single family from Hong Kong. This has allowed a single vision to be created and implemented.

Established in 1980, Robina is strategically located on 1850 hectares at the centre of the Gold Coast, in one of the country’s fastest growing region.

At the heart of Robina is a master business precinct designed to serve the Gold Coast with the highest order of retailing, administration, entertainment, education, cultural, recreational and community facilities.

With these facilities, Robina is a place for people to work, visit and live, in harmony with the environment and in a style that reflects aspirations for the 21st century.

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