Having The Sex Toy Talk

How to Have the Sex Toy Talk


Bringing toys into the bedroom is a sure way to turn up the heat in your relationship. While you may be interested in exploring the world of adult toys, it may be difficult to bring up the conversation at first. Some partners may jump at the idea, but others may need a little bit more encouragement.

Let’s Buy a Sex Toy

Trying out adult toys with a partner can be an incredibly sexy experience. If you haven’t already, it’s time to talk to your partner about buying some toys of your own. Read on for some great tips on how to have the sex toy conversation.

1. Talk About Mutual Pleasure

When approached with the idea of bringing a Sex Toys Joujou into the bedroom, some partners fear that they are being replaced. Do your best to assure your partner that you simply want to add to the pleasure in your sex life with sex toys. Once it is clear to your partner that using toys is mutually beneficial, they will likely be much more receptive to the conversation.

2. Choose the Right Model Together

When choosing toys to use together, it is best to pick the kind that both of you are comfortable with. While you may already have sex toys you love, your significant other may not initially be comfortable having them around during sex. Spend some time together talking about and looking at the kind of sex toys that you both are interested in.

3. Start Off Slowly at the Beginning

While you may be tempted to throw in all of the sex toys immediately, that can be a bit overwhelming to someone that isn’t used to using them. Oftentimes, gradually introducing toys into the bedroom is the best way to explore. Start off small and make your way up from there.

Vibrators are a great place to begin your sex toy journey. Relatively affordable and small, most vibrators are made to satisfy both partners. As you and significant other get used to having sex toys Joujou https://www.joujou.com.au/ in the bedroom, feel free to use anything and everything.

4. Be Honest About Your Fantasies

Too often, couples tend to hide what they truly desire in their sex lives. Use this sex toy conversation as a way to open up entirely about your fantasies.

Use these four honest strategies to get a conversation about sex toys started. Bringing toys into the bedroom will only bring you and your loved one closer together.

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